Blockchain infrastructure

Thomas Taroni, CEO: “We offer complete solutions for the implementation of initial coin offerings, including full server infrastructure, cyber security protection and the generation of private keys.”



Big Data

One of our core skills: Making huge amounts of data available, manage it as well as programming ultra-efficient search queries for them. For over 5 years we provide uninterrupted services for the Swiss Media Database SMD with 295 thousand article queries per day through a high performance search engine.



Internet of things

Our sensors track SkyCell-containers across the globe, showing their geolocation, temperature and status in the ERP system we have specially developed for this task.


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Process automation

By now paper is redundant at piqyourdress! We precisely and efficiently integrate your processes in a workflow designed for maximum productivity enhancement.


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For the most stringent security requirements:
Our own high security data center

Backups are ISO 27001 and FINMA circular 2008 certified